About Me

As I enter the new year, I’ve never been more excited about my career than I am today. The market has shifted, forcing the individual professional to improve herself and her business model. Over the past couple of years, the entire industry has rapidly begun to adapt to the free flow nature of Generation Y. Now it’s almost mandatory that an agent have a blog, a website…even a Facebook page!

As part of the information hungry, and fast paced Generation Y, I provide an interactive service that is tailored to the First Time Homebuyer, and Homeowner. Open communication, and accessible education has always been the foundation of my business. Video, blogs, eBooks, Twitter, and Facebook are all utilized to quickly deliver relevant information that keeps the Gen Y consumer in the loop. This blog is just one tool in the box that will help you reach your goals as a Homeowner.

This blog is not just for my clients, or for the Generation Y buyer, but for anyone who wishes to take control of their financial future through education and quality service. Take advantage of the articles on this blog, as well as on my website http://www.AlissaAlvarez.com, which includes more information.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly at any one of my media outlets.

Direct Line: 562-972-0351

Visit My Website at http://www.AlissaAlvarez.com

Follow me on Twitter @AlissaAlvarez

Friend me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/AlissaAlvarezLoans

Email me at Alissa@EssexMortgage.com

Also available via smoke signal, and pigeon carrier…

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